Sunday, June 06, 2004

Asian Film Symposium (Non-SFS event) : Film Sharks

Asian Film Symposium (Non-SFS event)

Bratina Tay & Esan Sivalingum
The Making of “Sharks”

Three guys, two countries, one million dollars, zero chance.

When a young man discovers that the foster parents who raised him must shut their orphanage without a huge cash payment, he and his two pals set out to collect debts owed to a dead loan shark – dodging dangerous thugs, a jilted girlfriend, a powerful mafioso and a mysterious samurai, across two countries in their crazed quest.

The director and producer of the up-coming Singapore feature film, Sharks, talk about their experiences completing their film.

Mr. Esan Sivalingam, Writer/Director/Producer
As Director of “Sharks”, Sivalingam brings with him a host of television and short film experience. His experience includes writing and co-creating tv sitcoms and dramas such as “Under One Roof”, “Phua Chu Kang” and “A War Diary”. He is currently in pre-production of another feature film, “Jokers Wild”.

Ms. Bratina Tay, Co-Producer
As co-producer and second asst director of the film, Tay dealt with sponsors, investors and coordinated the Singapore shoot. Her previous film experience includes producing/directing the short film, “Heart of Darkness: The Making of A Comedy”, and working as second asst director, asst to Director and post-production coordinator on “Teenage Textbook: The Movie”. Tay has also worked in television on tv shows such as “Brand New Towkay”, “Phua Chu Kang”, “A War Diary” and “Capital E”.


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